How a humble cupcake became something great…

or The kind of cupcakes I make when my coconut hating sister is not around.

There once was a  humble cupcake.



Who dreamed of being something great!



Unfortunately he ended up being forgotten on the counter, went stale and eventually ended up in the landfill. The end!

Okay, lets now talk about frosting. There is nothing better than whipping up a box mix for cupcakes. Yep, I’m talking comes in a box for less than a buck, full of chemicals and other natural goodness cake mix (do you think there are bug parts in there too, Bren?). I love them when I want no fail cupcakes fast so I can spend time on the good part, the froooosting!

I had already started a batch of Devil’s Food cupcakes this morning when we had to cancel having Corin and her kids over for the day.  I went from my plan of making strawberry frosting (same recipe different berry) to thinking about coconut frosting. Corin really doesn’t care for coconut, so I try to avoid using it when she’s around. Now was my chance! To be free of the oppression of my older sister!

I decided to use half butter, half shortening for the frosting. The shortening gives the frosting a lighter texture than all butter buttercream and it holds up a bit better to the warm temps we’re currently experiencing. With half butter you’ll still have some yummy flavor. I  added powdered sugar,  salt and some of my secret ingredient, then beat the bejeebies out of it all.





Then I slathered the cupcakes in frosting.


Toasted up a bunch of coconut and then rolled the tops of the frosted cupcakes in it. YUM!!!


And so the humble cupcake’s fate was not as originally foretold .

He went on to live a happy few hours, rising to become the highest pupcake cupcake in the land!






Reigning over all the other frosted cupcakes until the end of their little cupcake days.  Which is something like a day and a half  (if they’re among the lucky last) around here.




Looking to make some Malibu Rum Frosting of your own?

This makes enough frosting to generously frost 24 cupcakes.


Malibu Rum Frosting

1/2 cup butter, softened

1/2 cup shortening (I use Crisco)

4 1/2 – 5 cups powdered sugar

pinch of salt

4-5 Tablespoons Malibu Rum

Add all to a mixing bowl and beat on med. high for 3-4 minutes. Add more sugar if it’s too runny or more rum if it’s too stiff. Enjoy!


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